Business Management & Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

Every business will at one time or another experience a slump in sales for a variety of reasons. The key is to quickly identify the cause and address the issues so it doesn’t become a trend.

When you partner with Phillage Consulting, you’re getting a dedicated Sales & Business Coach with over 15 years of business ownership experience. We know firsthand, just how devastating a slump in sales can be. The concern over whether you will be able to make payroll, monthly expenses. Our method is simple,

We will work with you and your sales team to:

1. Analyze your sales process.

  • What is your team saying to customers?
  • Are they able to clearly communicate your value?
  • Are customer issues and concerns addressed?
  • Are they qualifying potential customers within the first two minutes?
  • Are detailed notes made or recorded into your Customer Relationship Management software so that you can review relationship history and follow up in a timely manner.

2. Identify friction points in your sales process.

Once we’ve had a chance to observe your sales team and sales process we will be able to determine the following friction points:

  • Customer objections to hiring you (For example: How you can better address their concerns, increase positive reviews, etc.)
  • Level of difficulty customers experience when they try to hire you or purchase your product/service. (For example: Is your quote form prominently displayed? Ease for people to book an appointment?, etc.)
  • Cost per lead acquisition – we can help you determine how much it costs you to acquire your leads and suggest cost saving tips.

3. Develop sales training scripts customized to your business.

When you only have 2 minutes on the phone with a prospect, it’s important that your sales team is able to quickly and effectively deliver your unique value in a short, elevator pitch. We can work with them to create a script that they can use to rehearse the message you want your customers to hear.

These are just a few of the proven strategies we’ve developed based on our 20 years of telemarketing and business to business sales. We’ve used these and many other strategies to completely turn our client’s businesses around to get them back in the black and moving forward with a powerful and consistent sales team.

Business Management Consulting

Owning a small business presents many challenges. Many forward-thinking companies are choosing to partner with a Business Management Consultant in order to expand their business.

When you hire Phillage Consulting for Business Management Consulting services, we will personally come in to your office or store in order to get a sense of your daily operations. We will take notes as we watch and observe in order to identify areas that are in need of improvement. We have a sharp eye for spotting things that are going wrong in a business and making suggestions to get things moving in a positive direction.

Our detailed and thorough approach to Business Management has helped our clients to improve operations, money management, increase efficiency and productivity.