Community Involvement

Phillage Consulting Gives Back

Concession Street News

Concession Street News Bowl has proudly raised over $10,000 for charity.

CSN Scare Contest is a Halloween decoration contest hosted in the Hamilton Mountain area. It was such a success, we were featured in two newspapers and interviewed by CHCH News. Participants were able to share thoughts and ideas in a Facebook community group we created specific to the event. Stay tuned for details on our 2nd Annual CSN Scare Contest – October 2018.

Concession Street Fest

Philip Bradshaw, founder of Phillage Consulting, chaired the festival for 3 years. Having stepped down as chair, he is still heavily involved with this event and still holds a chair on the board. When the city decided to cancel Concession Street Fest, Phil rallied to bring it back. A friend wrote into the paper about why Street Fest should be brought back. When the article came out I posted it on Concession Street News and go over 100,000 likes!

Next B.I.A Meeting Myself and community members put together over 50 people and stormed into the meeting with only one goal to bring back the Street Fest!