Content Creation

Content Planning & Organization

Without a well thought out and organized plan, it’s difficult to successfully execute your content strategy. We approach your project with a sense of perspective that allows us to take your goals and turn them into specific, targeted plans that are measurable.

Here are a few examples of how we can assist you with your content planning and organization:

  • Content audit
  • Editorial Content Calendar
  • Conduct remote client interviews to gather testimonials for your website
  • Interview your sales staff to determine customer FAQ
  • Creation of a customer FAQ spreadsheet log to be used by sales staff
  • Creation of a template you can use to assist you with responding to customer reviews online

As a part of this process, we will analyze opportunities for you to use content in other digital platforms.
Effectively execute your content marketing plan with content that is mapped across all channels.

Blog Ghostwriting

Drive traffic to your site and own your own leads with blogs and web content that educate and inform.

At Phillage Consulting, we work with you to develop blogs that:

  • demonstrate leadership in your industry
  • address prospective customers objections to your products or services (Why should I hire YOU?)
  • say what others in your industry aren’t saying
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Profile featured projects and client success stories

All blogs are professionally ghostwritten by our content marketing writer. Blogs will be posted to your site with your byline. We recommend you personalize that with an employee’s name vs. Admin as it gives a more personal touch and allows your readers to connect better.

Website Copywriting

We create compelling content that sells. By making your brand make sense to the people it needs to make sense to, for you to sell more.

Turn visitors into customers with accessible, relevant and captivating web copy that is solution driven and considers the following:

  • Target audience
  • Vertical markets
  • Your target audience’s pain points
  • Your unique value proposition

Intrigued? Take a look at how Phillage Consulting can help transform your business with content that speaks to the real world problems your prospective customers face, and positions your company as the solution.

Website Messaging & Positioning Plan

Our clients have found this service to be invaluable in helping them to pinpoint exactly how their content needs to be framed and the best way to target their audience.

What’s Included?

  • audit of your existing website + 3 competitor websites
  • report detailing audit findings
  • interviews with up to 3 key decision makers to determine your unique value proposition
  • 4-6 page messaging platform detailing my suggestions/recommendations
  • visual site map detailing my recommended content structure