Social Media Management

Regular posting alone to your channels does not get the job done when it comes to social media. Engagement is the key to bringing in new customers through your social channels and that’s why we place that at the forefront of all of our strategy development.

Our team approaches every project through the lens of engagement and being social on social media.

When you partner with Phillage Consulting for your Social Media Management, we will work with you to create a customized package based on your business goals.

Here is a sample of some of the ways we can help:


Social Media Sharing Calendar – mapped to your social channels

Strategies to find relevant industry news articles to share with your audience

Strategies on how to use social media as a public relations tool – including tips on how to respond to negative reviews online

Easy to use templates that are customized to the needs of your business

Researching relevant content to share to you audience


Creation of social media posts

Creation of social media ads

Posting to your social channels


Monthly contest creation and management – customized to your industry

Increase likes/followers

Connections to our existing social media groups

Community group development

Retweeting or resharing relevant content

Responding to reviews on your social channels

Help Increase engagement with your social media posts

Increase the number of new customers you receive through your social media channels

Create new followers and awareness about your services/products

Help increase more positive reviews

Help increase awareness of all services and products you offer

Develop creative/unique posts to get your followers engaged

Metrics analysis


Let’s work together to start engaging your customers today.

Phillage Consulting showed me tips and tricks to increase traffic to my social media sites as well as increase my followers. They have a community focused enthusiasm and energy that puts local businesses first.

Tonya B

It Takes a Village